This brief asked me to create wordmark & symbol for a new wireless charging service for mobile devices. One of my favourite projects to date, this recognisable, friendly ‘SpokesCreature’ is a charming brand identifier full of personality.

A bird? A dolphin? Perhaps a combination of the two? Osmo isn't a definitive anything, a one of a kind - which I think in many ways adds to his charming nature.



The task here was to create a mark that could appear in multiple scenarios, both in print and digital, large and small scale. One thing I wanted to avoid was creating a static 'sticker brand' that was applied in the same way to everything.



In creating a flexible, living mark it enabled the opportunity to both enrich advertising with tailored messaging (as can be seen above and below), as well as create a sense of engagement with customers. This was a really nice outcome of pushing the creative and expanding on the expected.



Created while working at SomeOne.