Honda Civic
2017 Type R


At 07:43 the Honda Civic Type R is the quickest car in its class around the Nüburgring. I was fortunate enough to lead the design both on the launch direct mailer and accompanying animated email.

Representing the power and speed of the Type R through kicked up dust, I was able to push the creative both in print and digital building a sense of reveal and excitement.



In a true teaser style the first page reveals nothing other than the hint of the infamous red R on the front of the car. Opening this reveals a slight parting of the dust showing more of those angular body lines before finally displaying the hero image and accompanying text.



Balancing typographic layout cues from the rear valance with crisp close-up photography, the further double page spreads detail the stand-out features of the Type R.



And finally the accompanying email template and revealing typographic animation. It was great moving from print to digital and challenging ways to best utilise the graphics.


Created while working at Elvis Communications.