A multi-sport event that strives to elevate the status of European Champions. The unifying shapes of the multifaceted mark come together to represent the defining moments that create champions.

Launching in 2018 with an estimated television audience of 1.03 billion, this multi-sport event brings 7 federations together onto the European stage.



Built upon a tightly angled 30° grid, this forward moving star – synonymous with Europe, takes on an abstract figurative quality lending itself to the nature of the championships. 



Being made up of 7 federations: Athletics, Aquatics, Cycling, Golf, Gymnastics, Rowing & Triathlon; it was important that each had it's own identifying typeset mark, colour and pictogram that allowed for independent standout but also could sit within an overarching family of marks.



With type being prominent across the brand, it was a great opportunity to further refine our mark and typography to align with and share qualities of the newly developed symbol.



A highlight moment of the project for me was getting to see the brand colours applied live to the Glasgow Hydro Arena in preparation for the event (as shown in the header).



Photographic treatments (shown above), graphic language, event dressing, brochures, stationery, presentation templates, guidelines, various logo configurations and artwork are some of the further deliverables I developed.


Brand film created by Will Cope

Project created while working at Designwerk.